mardi 17 février 2015

Welcome !

Hi !

You now entered our lost space. Hope you'll enjoy it.

We are the K-ProjeKt, basically more or less a Rock'n'Roll band but we try to not be a regular one. We are still searching for a proper style, hard thing while you got three bands in each street of the world. For now, what we aim for is what we would call "Cosmos Rock", that takes inspiration from psychedelic rock to super-hardcore-black forest-vicking metal. The important thing for us is to enjoy playing, share our ideas while doing it and continue to travel.

We've met in Berlin in the end of the 2014's summer in TeePee Land, a large community in the city center near the east train station. At the Beginning, Paco, a Spanish guy from Cadiz, played percussions with us. He finally went to his family in France and don't play anymore with us. Cheetos (Miko.) joined us in Poznan (Poland.) and we headed back to Berlin, then Austria, Italia...

So, the K-ProjeKt, before Italia. Cheetos were gone buying his crocodile suit at the moment.

[Carefull with the sound of your speakers, this video was taken with a simple camera, so it can hurt with the sound of the wind.]

Sadly we didn't record a thing in studio quality yet. We got many songs but still we work on it. The idea of an EP-album is bit by bit becomming more realistic, the future will tell us if it's really a good thing for us to stay together.

...But I've recorded some songs of my own (as Kroko Alpha.), these three were composed while I was with the band, recorded while I spent some vacations with my family in France. Here they are :

Hope you'll enjoy our sound, and our freaking adventures. We are Zebra, Cheetos and Kroko Alpha, the K-ProjeKt, for the love of music and against the motherfucking fools that leads us.